Calculating Contents

Calculating Contents

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Before you get an insurance quote, you'll need to know how much your possessions are worth. It’s important to adequately insure your possessions, as the Sum Insured on your contents policy is the maximum amount you can claim in the event of a loss.

Your insurance policy provides insurance for your contents plus a number of extra benefits. 

Tips to help you get started:

  1. Do your research to estimate the cost of your items if you had to replace them with new
  2. Don't over estimate your items, this may lead to paying a higher premium as a result
  3. It is important to read your contents insurance policy carefully as some items have limited cover unless they are specified on your policy. 
  4. To work out the level of cover you need, do a validation room by room. 

Ways to lower your premiums

There are a number of ways you can lower your contents insurance premium:

  1. By having a burgular alarm installed in your home
  2. By purchasing two or more home, contents, or motor policies with Cover
  3. By increasing your excess 
  4. By being claim free for a certain period 

Specify expensive items

If you have valuable or antique content items, make sure you specify them on your policy. A list of items that should be noted on your policy schedule is available during the quote process and in the contents policy wording. Remember to update your specified items at renewal as values are likely to have changed. 

It is important to ensure your level of cover is up to date and accurate. If the level of cover you require changes, let us know. 

Contents Insurance Calculator Template
Area Your Value
Kitchen $
Bedrooms $
Laundry $
Storage/Garage $
Dining Room $
Personal  $
Lounge $
General $