Winter Weather Safety

Winter Weather Safety

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Winter is officially here, and with the cold temperatures comes an increased risk of damage to your home. Our Cover Insurance experts have come up with some tips to help you keep your home safe against some common winter woes.

  • Prune overhanging trees and branches
  • Clean your gutters - an overflowing gutter is going to send water up and over the edges, and potentially into your home
  • Secure any large items outside such as BBQs and trampolines 
  • Know the location of important taps around your home
  • Check your pipes and taps for leaks
  • Don't attempt to repair any damage until it is deemed safe to do so
  • Keep damaged items if it is safe to do so, or take photos
  • If there is flooding damage on the floors, lift your furniture off the floor


Extreme winter weather can be hard on both you and your home. Be sure to prepare to avoid some serious home repairs. 

Unless it's urgent, the best way to make a claim is online. be sure to take plenty of photos of any damage around your home. If you have any questions, check out our FAQs.