About Us

About Us

Cover provides New Zealanders an insurance solution with fresh digital thinking. The world has reinvented itself by going digital, and we figured it's time for Cover to follow suit. From car insurance to home and contents, we can work with you to eliminate unnecessary stress and uncertainty throughout the process.

We put out customers' needs first and understand that it is important to put the customer at the heart of all that we do. 

With house insurance, the customer will just need to provide their address and the system will access external databases to draw down all the information on size, age, construction, number of rooms and other relevant details. With vehicle insurance, the system will work off a registration number to backfill make, model, engine size and mileage, so there’s no going away to check or having to call back with more details. With our contents policies, there are only a couple of questions to answer and it’s job done.

It is our aim to provide you with great quality cover at a competitive price. We source the best insurance partners to offer through our platform, so that we know the whole process with be smooth, and that the cover isn't watered down! 

Cover refers to the website www.cover.co.nz and the platform developed and owned by Cover Insurance Limited, to offer the ability for approved advisors and intermediaries to offer selected insurance offerings to their clients. The insurer for the respective insurance products can be found in the policy wording or on the policy schedule. Cover Insurance Limited does not provide personalised advice on insurance. Should you require personalised advice, please contact your advisor.

Quote and secure coverage right away online. We know the world is changing with technology, and it's time insurance followed suit.

Protect what's important to you. We’ve searched for the best policies to provide you with great quality cover with a range of quality features.

We will make the claims process simple, transparent and keep you fully informed throughout. Simple.