Frequently Asked Questions

We have three levels of cover for motor insurance, Motor Comprehensive, Motor Third Party Fire & Theft, and Third Party Damage.
An excess is the amount you must pay towards any claims you make on your policy. The higher the voluntary excess you choose to pay, the lower your premiums will be. Please check your policy documents for more details.
Roadside assistance is an optional policy benefit that can be added to your policy for an additional premium. The breakdown service provides six call outs for any registered vehicle during the period of insurance. The excess doesn't apply to this breakdown service.
We will only cover you when the car is being used for private, domestic, social or pleasure purposes, community work including religious workers and social welfare workers, or in connection with a business, profession or occupation, however not if the person using the car is doing so in their capacity as one of the following: salesperson, commission agent, service person or commercial traveler, or insurance representative, insurance agent or insurance broker, or land or real estate agent, or mortgage broker or mobile mortgage manager, or stock or station agent, or courier driver, delivery person, uber or taxi driver, or member of a motor trade.
Agreed Value is an insurance cover offered by Cover for your motor vehicle policy where the amount paid out in the event of a total loss claim is based on the value agreed between you and Cover at the time the policy is written.
Modifications means any change to the car that is different to the manufacturer's original specification.
Windscreen cover is an optional policy benefit that can be added to your policy for an additional premium. This means that if your claim is only for accidental loss to windscreens, windows and/or sun-roofs of the car, you won't have to pay an excess.
If you wish to cancel or change your policy, please email your details to